For those who have helped us in the past, your support created opportunities for patients in need of financial assistance to maintain much-needed standard of care as they continue to live with their lupus.   Thank you!  
Your support allowed us to continue providing health education seminars to our #LupusWarriors and the family and friends who love and support them. Thank you, for continuing your support of those we serve despite the difficult days hopefully behind us.

This year, your support will expand programs, services and opportunities to more lupus warriors as we reach into the communities where we are needed most.
We are providing:

Community Lupus Education Seminars in Acres Homes, Alief, Greenspoint and 5th Ward. With over 60% of Lupus Warriors being women and men of color, we are committed to providing much needed support to increase the standard of care, lupus awareness and education and access to clinical trials to all our communities.

Expanded P.A.T.H. support. Providing financial support to qualified lupus warriors, we are increasing access to these much-needed funds especially within our at-risk communities including areas where both food and health care desserts exist.

In person community fund raising events. We are back to a live walk this year and partnering with Texas Southern University for our May 7th walk at Tiger Circle, returning to the Post Oak Hotel for our September 17th Gala honoring Lupus Warrior Cheryl Yetz, and now have 40 runner spots available for the Chevron Houston Marathon! Join the FIGHT!

We hope you will continue to support these #LupusWarriors as we continue to fight for research in medicines, treatments and one day – a cure for this cruel disease.