Virtual Walk To END Lupus Now

Erica's Wolf Pack

This years marks the 6th year that Erica's Wolf Pack has participated in the Walk to End Lupus NOW & 5k Run.

We walk and donate in support of our family member/friend Erica DaRosa.

In 2009, Erica was diagnosed with lupus on her high school graduation day. She went from being a healthy teenager to her kidneys failing by 80% in just minutes. Her whole life changed in just days when she found out she had an incurable, chronic autoimmune disease.

Fast forward to today, she has graduated from the University of Houston and is a middle school math teacher. Thanks to her amazing doctors and the support of her loving family and friends, she has been in remission for 8 years now.

However, she still fear that any day can be the day her lupus will become active again. Only way for these fears to go away is a cure. So please help us raise awareness and funds to help find a cure for Erica and the million others who are affected.

Any and all donations make a great difference! Please join our team and/or doante to help us support this cause!


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