Virtual Walk To END Lupus Now

Tamara's Strollers

I’m VIRTUALLY WALKING to help those in our community who are struggling because of Lupus. Join Me?

The virus has made the local chapter rethink their annual walk - it is postponed/virtual/cancelled. It does NOT mean that the needs of our community are going away, however. So the local chapter that does so much for OUR COMMUNITY needs our help. As a reminder, the local chapter helps people in our community get their medicines, have access to doctors and even simple things like providing transportation to medical facilities.

Additionally, I learned today from the national lupus organization that the medicine that is being suggested will help with the COVID-19 is the same medicine lupus sufferers take every day. This could create a shortage of this medicine in our community. (I'm good - got a decent stock pile - no worries there.) Not everyone will be as prepared!

We are NOT walking this year. We are participating virtually - meaning we are just donating and moving on. Please consider helping this organization which uses your funds wisely!

Bill and I will MATCH every dollar you donate (to the best of our ability) so that this chapter can continue it's mission! If I can get all of my friends to make a $100 donation - think of the huge impact we can have!

Thank you for your generosity! Please help if you can!

Thanks Tamara

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