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The Girl Who Fought Through Lupus
By Ga’Brielle Overstreet

Many think that certain things can never happen to them, my family and I thought the same thing. I mean, I’m only 8 years old in the third grade, this is the best time to be a kid, nothing can happen to me. These were always the things I said to myself before April 8, 2017, when life completely changed.
On April 3, my mom took me to see my doctor because of what we thought at the time to be a ringworm on my face. They gave me some cream, a referral to a Dermatologist for ulcers that were on my fingers/ toes and sent me on my way, but this was far from the end. On April 6 while at school, I began to itch really bad and began to get small bumps all over my body. The nurse put some cream on me and immediately called my mom to let her know what was going on. My mom was in a panic and called my granny to come pick me up, to which she noticed that I was red on my cheeks and moving really sluggish. Once home, I began to run a fever, get red spots all over my body and my lips began to swell. It was then my mom knew that something wasn’t right and rushed me to the hospital. With a fever of 104.3, they ran test, took blood and urine, but couldn’t find any sickness or infection, yet noticed that my white blood cell count was abnormal and urged my mom to make an immediate appointment with my PCP first thing the next morning.

On April 7, I went in to my doctor and my mom asked that I be tested for Lupus because these were signs that my cousin, who has a different form of Lupus, displayed. On April 8 around 2:45 p.m., we received the call that would change not only my life, but everyone around me lives forever. Our worst fears became reality, and I was diagnosed with Lupus and was going through what is known as a flare up. SLE is an inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissue. Over the next couple of months, I visited a Dermatologist, Rheumatologist, Cardiologist and a Nephrologist, to which I currently still visit. My life was taken by appointments and test, so much that I missed nearly the last month of my 3rd grade year. It has been 11 months since I was diagnosed and I’ve had over 40 doctors visits, 4 ER visits, MRI’s, EEG’s, EKG’s, over 60 tubes of blood taken, many medication changes and many scares. I am now on 5 different medications that equals 9 pills daily, arthritis, along with other medical problems that’s related to my Lupus, but I haven’t let it beat me and I haven’t lost my faith.

Although it’s unfortunate and at times I wonder why me, it’s a reason that I was chosen for this fight. I’m a straight A fourth grade student, fun loving 9 year old, who loves to sing and dance. But most of all, I love to make others smile. Even though, I can’t be a normal 9 year old and do most of the things other kids do my age, I enjoy my life as it is. I wanted to do the Lupus Foundation walk this year on May 6, so that I could help other kids and adults like me. Because there is no cure, I will be on medication for the remainder of my life or until God heals me. Many are not as blessed to have the support of family, friends, teachers and neighbors to encourage and pray for them while on their journey as I do. But I have always been taught that what you do for others, God will do for you. I know the road ahead won’t be easy, as there has been many twist and turns along the way, but I do know that I am a Lupus Warrior and God has me.

This story was written 2 years ago, and I have come a long way! My Lupus has not been active in almost a year, I'm down to 4/5 pills a day and beating Lupus! Thank you'll for your continued prayers and support as I beat this disease!


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